Anyone ever wonder where the word “diaper” comes from? and the irony that spelt backwards it’s “Repaid‘?!


Curse of Swan Lake is now Published!

Now available on Amazon, Kindle, Smashwords, Createspace, Nook and a host of other ebook locations.  Curse of Swan Lake by Pearl Burns Brown.


Jolene, the infant princess of Defornia, is cursed by a wicked aunt, who covets her magical throne. Within moments her father is murdered and her mother flees in horror, hiding the child in America. Twenty years pass and a beautiful Jolene becomes engaged to businessman Robert Moss, forcing her widowed mother to divulge the heartbreaking secret of the curse.

Excited to soon E Publish “Curse of Swan Lake”

Happy to be on the verge of E-publishing the first in a series of Romance novels. “Curse of Swan Lake” combines love, magic and murder in a romantic mystery.

“On the day your daughter weds she will die!”  a wicked aunt cast the spell on the infant, Jolene.  Moments later, Jolene’s father is murdered causing her terrified mother to flee to another country, where she raises the child in hiding.  Twenty years pass uneventfully until Jolene announces her engagement to the handsome Robert, forcing her mother to reveal the truth.

While shocked to hear she is a princess with magical powers, Jolene is devastated to learn she will perish if she marry’s the man she loves.  Unwilling to accept this fate, Mother and daughter travel to the kingdom of Defornia only to get caught in a battle against an unknown evil that want’s Jolene dead.  Horrified, Jolene learns she didn’t need to travel to confront the evil, she’d brought it with her.  Will Jolene’s new powers be enough to defeat the evil and break its wicked spell?